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Ruby Freeman Social Media Confession Hoax

Some have been circulating an image from a parody instagram account alleging to be a confession of election fraud by Ruby Freeman. The account, however, is a parody account. The image clearly shows the account username is “rubyfreeman_georgia.” The account claims to be a hoax, but when it was originally set up it did not admit to be a hoax. By the time the owner of the account admitted it was a “parody” the damage had been done, and I’ve received questions about even today (December 8th), days after the original post in question.

Ruby Freeman

Ruby Freeman became rather famous last week when conservative investigators tracked her down from images taken within the State Farm Arena in Atlanta Georgia. She was a poll worker on election night, tabulating ballots.

Questions Regarding Removing Election Observers

Many questions have arisen after video, and social media posts, proved that many (if not most) election observers were told to leave the arena after the alleged bursting of a water pipe in the building at around 10:30pm. While some fact-checkers have attempted to rebut the claim that election observers were asked to leave the claim has been proven over and over again from dozens of live reports on social media and television at the time. (A quick search on social media, and Google will attest to that.)

Questions Regarding Double Counting Ballots

Following the near emptying of the building a few ballot processors continued to work, counting ballots. Video appears to show Ruby, and her daughter, processing ballots through the tabulator multiple times. However, it’s not clear that the machine was actually counting the ballots twice. And a hand count would certainly catch an inconsistency of that nature. Hand counts have already taken place multiple times, and should’ve corrected any duplicate counts.

Questions About the Nature of the Ballots

Questions regarding the nature of the ballots are also circulating. Allegations regarding the ballots appearing to be “hidden” under a table don’t hold a lot of weight. Where else are they supposed to put as yet uncounted ballot boxes/bags? In the middle of the walk-way? It would make sense that ballots to be counted would be placed out of the way (e.g., under a table). Whether they were “hidden,” or not doesn’t tell us whether they were fraudulent. That is the key question, and it has not yet been answered. In fact, a forensic analysis of the votes (signature check) is not being done. And this is exactly the kind of recount that could answer these questions once-and-for-all.

So, why won’t they do a signature validation? Why won’t they investigate the voter rolls and compare them to the names, and signatures, of the voters who showed up and voted? Those are the valid questions, and attempts at circulating fake news hoaxes only serves to discredit the valid questions that deserve to be answered.

There’s a more detailed post at Truth or Fiction discussing the time-line of the hoax.

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