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Zero Politics #11 – LOGIC Checking the fact checkers in the 2020 Election

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers, I Call it a Logic Check

I spent over 2 hours logic checking the fact checkers regarding the 2020 election. I discussed several news stories that were “fact checked” irresponsibly, and show their gross critical thinking errors. I also threw in some other stories for good measure. 

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The left-leaning media, including Fox News, has continued to state that Trump’s legal accusations of fraud are “baseless,” and “without evidence.” However, I don’t think his legal team is showing up to court with empty pieces of paper containing no arguments, and no evidence. On the contrary they are providing “evidence.” Whether that evidence is “proof” of fraud, or mistakes, and enough to change the outcome of the election is not for me to decide, but what I can do is point out the highly irrational arguments being made by the “fact checkers.” Straw man arguments, red herring arguments, and non-sequiturs abound. I also discuss a few little ‘debates’ I had with people online that provide excellent examples of how badly we need critical thinking courses taught in high school. 

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